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Research is ongoing within different themes Computer and Network Security, Network Forensics, Performance Evaluation in Packet-Switched Networks and IPv6 over Wireless Persona Area Networks (6LoWPAN). Moreover, in the past we focused the emphasis in our research on IPv6 Transisions issues and Network Simulations.


ASSOLO is a new active probing tool for estimating available bandwidth, like pathChirp and other well-known measurement softwares. ASSOLO implements VHF (Vertical Horizontal Filter), a modified Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) technique borrowed from the financial world which produces precise estimates of the available bandwidth, lowering the impact of noisy observations.
ASSOLO implements also a simple procedure that reduces estimation error, given the available bandwidth does not change significantly during probing period. Read more at


HIVE (Honeynet Infrastructure in Virtualized Environment) is a novel, highly-scalable and automated data collection and analysis architecture, which is built on top of proven FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source) solutions integrated and extended with new tools we developed. Read more at


Insane (INterface SAmple for Network Errors) driver is an interface which simulates semi-random packet loss or intermittent network failures. The original code of the insane driver has been written by Alessandro Rubini and tested with Linux-2.3.41. We ported insane driver to Linux-2.6.31, also correcting a memory leak bug and comparing the performance of insane to these of iptables statics module and tc netem... Read more at

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