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Serproxy for Linux

Serproxy is a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial ports, in cases where the remote end of the serial link doesn't have a TCP/IP stack (eg an embedded or microcontroller system). The proxy allows other hosts on the network to communicate with the system on the remote end of the serial link.

Serproxy is also used for talking to an Arduino board via a network connection. This is useful if, for example, your software and/or programming language does not provide access to serial ports (e.g. Flash).


  • multi-threaded (the Linux version requires a recent version of libpthread);
  • redirection of multiple serial ports to multiple sockets simultaneously;
  • possibility to close and re-open client without loosing serial connection;
  • portable (available for Linux, Mac and Windows);
  • source code available (GPLed).



Binaries for Windows and Mac can be found on the main Arduino software page.

Linux version can be compiled from source or installed using our Serproxy 0.1.3 .deb Package (for Ubuntu/Debian).

Source code

The original version 0.1.2 of Serproxy has been written by Stefano Busti in 1999. However, latest version 0.1.3 by David A. Mellis features a detailed readme and a more readable config file.

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