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List of Scientific Publications on Squidbee / Arduino+XBee

  • Christos Tatsiopoulos, and Aphrodite Ktena. A Smart ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Meter. In Proc. of the 16th International Workshop on Systems, Signals & Processing (IWSSIP'09), 18-20 June 2009, Chalkida, Greece.
  • Roberto De Lotto, Tullio Facchinetti, Paolo Gamba, and Emanuele Goldoni, “Wireless Sensor Networks for planning processes: applications and case study”. In ”Planning, Complexity and New ICT,” Eds. Giovanni Rabino and Matteo Caglioni, September 2009, Alinea editrice, Florence, Italy (ISBN: 978-88-6055-415-4)

This list is far from being complete. Please, contact us if your publication is missing and you would like to see it listed here!

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