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CERTO, a Routing Protocol for CERERE

CERTO (CErere Routing ProTOcol) is a routing protocol designed and developed for our CERERE Wireless Sensor Network.

Project Description

CERERE is based on CERTO, our novel auto-organizing, reactive, hierarchical routing and data-gathering protocol for WSNs. Moreover, we have implemented a Scheduled-Rendezvous mechanism to organize transmissions and synchronize sleep/wake-up cycles of nodes. CERTO borrows some ideas from S-MAC and T-MAC but includes a number of new features and an efficient application-layer message format for data exchange.

Our CERTO implementation has been developed on the Arduino+XBee / Squidbee platform. However, it is important to note that the CERTO protocol is platform-agnostic and could ported to any WSN hardware platform. The original version by Filippo De Stefani used the XBee Transparent mode. Recently the same protocol has been completely re-written using API mode and a modified versione of the Xbeereader library.

Source Code

The original implementation by Filippo De Stefani is part of the CERERE pakage is freely available under the GNU GPL License.

The newer implementation based on XBee APIs and written by Davide Silvestri is freely available here and is released under the GNU GPL License too.


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