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The development version of OpenWRT (kamikaze) can be used on the Sheevaplug.

Fetching the sources

Clone the Openwrt development tree with

git clone git://

If desired, enable the optional package feeds by copying feeds.conf.default into feeds.conf. It's better to use git for the packages feed:

src-git git://

Building OpenWRT

OpenWRT can be configured using make menuconfig. Be sure to choose Marvell Kirkwood as target system. Build the ramdisk target image to be able to boot OpenWRT from TFTP (useful for testing). Issue make to start the build; if something fails, use make V=99 to enable verbose mode. If everything is ok you will find the target images in the bin directory.

Prebuilt images

We provide prebuilt OpenWRT images based on the current development tree (trunk). The following images are available (md5sums)

You can also download a prebuilt toolchain to build custom programs. These images have been created on 2010/02/22 and are based on the following repository revisions

  • openwrt.git: df67b629403e12e1169f710706b25c8ca4c3abcf
  • packages.git: 7c226ba2a8f089367c6186b52b98b598a67bd54e
  • luci SVN: r5643

The configuration we used is also available. To install our prebuilt packages on a running OpenWRT system please add

src/gz snapshots

to /etc/opkg.conf.

Booting OpenWRT from TFTP

Build the ramdisk target image: you will have an openwrt-kirkwood-uImage file in the bin folder. Setup a TFTP server (such as atftp or TFTPD32) to serve this file. Boot the Sheevaplug and issue the following commands at the U-Boot prompt

setenv ipaddr <sheevaplug_addr>
setenv serverip <tftp_server_addr>
tftpboot 0x2000000 openwrt-kirkwood-uImage
bootm 0x2000000

The sheevaplug will start booting OpenWRT.

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