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Welcome to Networking Lab

The Networking Lab is situated in Mantua, within the local campus of the University of Pavia. We are part of the Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Science (DIS). We are connected to the GARR Reasearch Network using both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.
-- Albert Einstein

Research activities

Our group is researching into a whole range of problems in systems and theory related to networking, wireless communication, caching, security, sensor and ad-hoc networking technology. Research is ongoing within different themes: IPv6 Transition issues, Computer and Network Security, Network Forensics, Performance Evaluation in Packet-Switched Networks and IPv6 over Wireless Persona Area Networks (6LoWPAN). Read more...

Teaching activities

Students of the courses in Computer Networks (Bachelor's degree) and Telecommunication Networks (Master's degree) priodically have activities inside our Lab. The aim of these lab lessons is to provide students an opportunity to deploy a real network using interconnection devices (routers, bridges) and then "dissect" packets with protocol analyzers. Read more...

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Università degli Studi di Pavia
Laboratorio Reti
Via Scarsellini 2
46100 Mantova ITALY

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